Share your COVID story to help #KeepUsAllSafe

News reports from physicians and government officials show that many people still do not fully understand the underlying risk of transmission of COVID-19, even though those people might feel completely healthy, with no symptoms. We know this situation is frightening for you and your fellow Inspire community members.

As a vital community of patients and caregivers, we have launched a video campaign, #KeepUsAllSafe, to assemble first-person stories, which we’ll share with the public through social media. Hopefully, through member stories, we can increase social distancing and help slow the spread of the virus.

We invite you to take a short video of yourself discussing aspects of your health, your perception about COVID vaccines (or your vaccination experience), and how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting your life, or that of a family member at high risk. It takes just minutes, and it can help keep us all safe.

Topics to cover in the video

(Please answer the questions as if you’re being asked them, and answer only the questions you feel comfortable answering.)

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